Client: The Nature Conservancy
Agency: Africa
Role: Digital Art Direction
Illustration & Design: Henrique Foster

Press & Recognition: 
Cannes Short List
2 Silver at El Ojo de Iberoamerica

Bringing global warming consequences into people daily lives.

In 2015, the UN proposed an agreement to reduce the gas emission worldwide, and the Paris Climate accord was adopted by consensus. In 2017, Donald Trump declined it and even denied that global warming is a real problem. In a time when global leaders are taking a step back in the global warming efforts, and the public pressure is the only tool to make them change their minds, we made people envision that climate change does not only affect the way we see our planet, but also the way we live our lives. Today and tomorrow.


Products of Tomorrow is a Facebook webstore of products created from a realistic picture of the future on Earth.


Each product was launched with a sensorial film, exploring the feelings of a generation who won’t have access to simple pleasures we take for granted today. The films led to the webstore, where people could pre-order, with an estimated date to be delivered, based on a real projection of what may happen in the next decades. By pre-ordering, they were helping us to spread our message.